Wedding Wednesday: Janelli & Brandon Mikkelson


Married: June 21st, 2014

What was it like working with Charlotte’s?

My bridesmaids and I walked in after a bad experience with a different bridal shop in town and Charlotte’s bridal got us in the next morning. Everyone there was so nice and welcoming. I had to be one out of hundreds of brides that Charlotte’s has served this wedding season and yet they still managed to make me feel like an important bride with every single encounter. So, needless to say my experience with Charlotte’s was amazing! It also didn’t hurt that they have a gorgeous gown selection!

How did you and your fiance meet?

Alright I suppose some of our family won’t see this. My fiancé and I met at a party my roommates and I threw during the summer of 2009. I poked fun at him for his beer selection and he took it in stride; I really liked that. We then played beer pong against each other and even though I spilled 2 of my cups I still won!! After that night, we started hanging out and we were inseparable.

How did he propose?

Two days before we went to Vegas Brandon asked me to go visit some friends with him who were camping in Perrot State Park. We really needed to pack but I humored him and told him we could go for a little bit. So we made the drive to Trempealeau. We get there but no one is there just this huge tent and some camping chairs by the fire. I looked at him, “What the heck? Did we actually beat your friends here?” Seriously, I could be packing right now! Nope it turned out it was just going to be the two of us. Ok, fine. This is a little out of place, even for Brandon so I start looking around my surroundings. Is there a sign on a tree somewhere? An airplane writing in the sky? Nope but I knew something was up. About half an hour goes by and by then I’m getting hungry. I had given up hope that it was my proposal. I ask Brandon where the hot dogs were and he points me to the tent. Why is the food in the tent? It’s always in the car, again weird. I guess I’ll go inside and get my hot dogs. I unzip the tent and there in the middle is a cooler with Champagne and a hundred tea lights are glowing all around me. He comes inside the tent and gets down on one knee. Brandon then asks “So, do you wanna?” I said “Brandon you have to actually ask, dork.” Then he responded with “Janelli, I can’t imagine being without you, will you marry me?” Of course, I said yes. We kept it a secret for a whole two days until I could meet my family in Vegas and had a chance tell them in person, you know before Facebook. I should mention that I knew that a proposal was coming since I picked out my engagement ring back in May but he waited until August to propose so it was still a surprise. Some people thought it was less special because I knew Brandon was going to propose but guess what it was still special. I also got the perfect, custom engagement ring in a size 3.


What was your favorite part of your wedding day?

My favorite part of my wedding day was sitting down for dinner. Not just because I was starving but because the most important/ nerve wracking part of my day had already passed. I was officially married to Brandon; nothing that happened after that could ruin or change it.

What is one piece of advice you would give brides that are just beginning their search for the perfect wedding gown?

Do not come in with the perfect wedding gown in mind. Until you try it on you won’t know, so be open to suggestions. Start gathering ideas about what you like about other dresses. Oh and alterations make a HUGE difference! How it fits the first time won’t be exactly how it will look on you. It’ll look 10 times better after they’re done!

Is there anything special or unique about your wedding that you would like to highlight?

Brandon walked down the aisle to Star Wars music, escorted by Chewbacca and Han Solo of course. I incorporated Harry Potter into the décor and the sweets we had. Oh and we didn’t have a traditional wedding cake. We had cupcakes and donuts from Linda’s Bakery. There were so many donuts, it was awesome! The photo booth we rented was a lot fun too. Some of the photos were sweet but most of them were hilarious! That was money well spent. All in all our wedding day was perfect for us because we made sure it was about us. That’s another piece of advice: make sure your wedding day is about the two of you. It’s YOUR day!

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Mikkelson!


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