Wedding Wednesday: Stephanie & Nicolas Lepine


Married: July 12th, 2014

What was it like working with Charlotte’s?

I had an absolutely wonderful time working with the staff at Charlotte’s Bridal. The staff was always friendly and helpful! They made me feel so special throughout the wedding process. What I really liked is that you never felt like the staff was pushy and wanted to hurry through your appointment to move on to another bride. I must have tried 20 dresses, but the staff member I was working with continued to give suggestions and help me until I found “my dress”. I live in Chicago, but I decided to travel back and forth to La Crosse, because I just couldn’t find anywhere else that could compare to Charlotte’s! Even when I stopped in during the busiest time of the year “prom session”, without an appointment to look for a headpiece for my wedding, I was quickly helped above and beyond what I expected considering the time of the year. I was even taken in the back to see what my headpiece would look like in different lighting; these ladies are truly the greatest!

How did you and your fiance meet?

My fiancé and I met during our Montessori teacher training at St. Catherine’s University in Minnesota.

How did he propose?

Even though I didn’t know it, the proposal began when Nick and I read a book called The Wednesday Letters together. It was a great story (I don’t want to give too much away) about a man who wrote his wife a letter every Wednesday. After we were done reading the story, I jokingly asked Nick to write me a letter every Wednesday. I really didn’t think he would, but he said he would, but I was skeptical. Around six months letter, he was still writing me the Wednesday. It was December 30th; I drove back from Ohio to Chicago to meet Nick for New Years Eve. When I got there I wasn’t feeling the greatest, but Nick was very excited to open up Christmas presents. I had to go to Target first, and when we got back we ate lunch. I may have been a little grumpy, but Nick was still very excited to open presents. Finally it was present time and we opened up gifts. Everything was nice, but then Nick said there was one more present. I opened it and saw it was a Wednesday Letter in a nicely frame. Nick asked if he could read it, and I said yes. As he was reading, I started getting the feeling that this might be the proposal. I couldn’t believe it was going to be at home on the couch, out of nowhere, and a total surprise. By the time he was done reading, I was crying. Then he got on one knee and opened the box and it was the most beautiful ring I had ever seen. He had picked out everything himself, and he couldn’t be happier. I grabbed it right out of the box before I said yes and put it on myself, and then realized I totally blew proposal etiquette, and started laughing with tears streaming down my face. Then I called as many people as possible. What started as a request months and months ago turned into a very beautiful well thought proposal. By the way, he still writes me a Wednesday letter every week (with just one or two more on Thursday again).

What was your favorite part of your wedding day?

I’m not sure I could pick just one moment that was my favorite part, the whole day turned out better than either one of us had expected.

What is one piece of advice you would give brides that are just beginning their search for the perfect wedding gown?

Don’t settle. If you are not sure wait! You will know when you try on the dress if it’s the one or not. Don’t let others sway you from the dress you love. Bring positive and loving people with you to your dress fitting and you will enjoy every minute of your wedding gown search.

Is there anything special or unique about your wedding that you would like to highlight?

Well, against our family’s wishes, we decided to not serve wedding cake at our wedding because we just aren’t cake people. Instead we had Dairy Queen (yes, Dairy Queen) make a very simple ice cream cake for our cake cutting and provided an amazing ice cream bar with attendant for our guest with a wide assortment of toppings. Even though our family couldn’t believe we were not going to serve cake, it ended up being one of the things that our guest loved and are still talking about. Also we ended up spending extra money on having a photo booth at the wedding, and we are so glad we did, as it was a hit all night!

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Lepine!

Ceremony: St. Gertrude’s Church, Chicago, IL

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