How To: Social Media & Your Wedding


In today’s tech-savvy world we knew it wouldn’t be long before brides had to consider how, when , and where social media would be used on her big day—here are a few ideas to get ahead of the game:

Personal Wedding Website or App

Let’s start off with the basics—creating your very own personal wedding site. Your site can include everything from guest information (think registry, hotel, important dates, even ability to RSVP!) to you and your fiance’s love story. Either way your guests appreciate having all of the details for your big day in one place. (Plus it will save that one groomsmen the embarrassment of having to ask you the date of your wedding!)

Wedding Hashtag

Using a wedding hashtag makes it easy for guests to share photos from your “I do” while making all posts easily searchable. Think of a personalized and original hashtag that guests will easily remember. Consider incorporating small signs that remind members of your wedding hashtag into your centerpieces or list it in your wedding programs. Also—don’t be shy about tagging pre-wedding milestones (such as buying your dress or your bachelorette party), it will give your guests and friends a window to your complete wedding experience!


Snapchat stories make it easy to share moments of your day, from morning wedding prep to dancing the night away at your reception!


Consider live streaming your wedding! That way any friends or family who are not able to attend can still share your big day with you!


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