Wedding Wednesday: Stefanie & Austin Eggert


Married: January 10, 2015

What was it like working with Charlotte’s?

Amazing! From the moment I made an appointment until even now after my wedding, the staff at Charlotte’s has made every step of the process easy and fun. From giving individual attention during my initial appointment to helping me find and choose accessories and arranging pick-up times, the staff was always friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient. Having such a spacious dressing room was great, too, for trying on gowns.

How did you and your fiance meet?

We went to high school together. Our lockers were right next to each other, but we didn’t start talking until the end of sophomore year. Austin asked me to prom the end of our junior year and to marry him 5 years later!

How did he propose?

It was our 5 year anniversary, and he planned a date taking us to some of our favorite La Crosse area sites. Our last stop was one of the scenic overlooks above La Crescent and La Crosse, and as the sun was setting, he asked me to be his wife.

What was your favorite part of your wedding day?

We rented a limo to take the bridal party from the church to outdoor pictures to the reception site. It was so fun to spend that time with some of the people most important to Austin and me. When we dropped the bridal party off at the Days Inn, Austin and I stayed on and took a 5 or 10 minute limo ride by ourselves. Of course we were happy to have our friends and family there to celebrate with us, but it was great to spend a few moments of our wedding day with just each other.

What is one piece of advice you would give brides that are just beginning their search for the perfect wedding gown?

Don’t be afraid to try anything on! If you see a gown that catches your eye but you’re not sure about, try it on. You’ll never have another chance to shop for your wedding dress, and you might just end up loving the dress- that’s what happened with me!

Is there anything special or unique about your wedding that you would like to highlight?

Instead of having people clink their glasses to make Austin and I kiss during the reception, we requested that people come up and make a short toast, give a piece of advice, or tell a fun story. Lots of guests came up throughout the night to do so, and it was entertaining listening to what they had to say!

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Eggert!


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