Wedding Wednesday: Jessica & Matthew Herrmann


Married: September 12, 2015

What was it like working with Charlotte’s?

Working with Charlotte’s was a really great and stress free experience. I had no idea what I was looking for and was still a little uncomfortable in my own skin because I had just had a baby in October and was trying on dresses in November. Andrea helped make me feel beautiful regardless of how uncomfortable I was at first. I had 3 bridesmaids and my mother with me and everyone had a vision for me, except for myself and Andrea was very patient and helped me try on a variety of dresses in different styles until I found exactly what I was looking for! I even tried a few dresses multiple times! I didn’t feel rushed, or like I was a burden. I felt like I was surrounded by a bunch of friends!

How did you and your fiance meet?

We met at Grizzlys. I was a server and he was a cook, he was super quiet and shy, so I actually asked him to go to a house party with me!

How did he propose?

I was a manager at Grizzlys and working late one night, I had just been on the phone with him talking about my stressful day. He showed up as we were all sitting around waiting for the dishwasher to finish up. I went in the back to check on the dishwasher and as I was headed back out front he was down on one knee in the kitchen with a ring. He barely got a word in I just kept saying are you serious! He said he wanted to propose where we met because that’s where it all began 7 years ago. He later admitted to carrying the ring around for awhile waiting for the perfect moment.


What was your favorite part of your wedding day?

Being surrounded by all our family and friends. A lot of our family is from out of town so it’s rare to all be in one spot. It’s a really great feeling to be surrounded by so many people who love and care about you!

What is one piece of advice you would give brides that are just beginning their search for the perfect wedding gown?

Just let go and have fun—don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone when trying on dresses, you may be surprised at what you actually look good in and fall in love with.

Is there anything special or unique about your wedding that you would like to highlight?

We wanted to have a very relaxed wedding, something different and enjoyable for everyone, so we had a drinking wedding. There was a sign when everyone came in that said “Welcome, please grab a drink & pick a seat not a side, we are all family once the knot is tied.” As a closing to our ceremony we made a toast to love, life, and our future.

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Herrmann!

Hair & Makeup: E SPA, La crosse, wi
Ceremony & Reception: STUPPS BAR, CASHTON, WI

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