Wedding Wednesday: Steph & Tyler Deaver


Married: August 22, 2015

What was it like working with Charlotte’s?

As a consultant at Charlotte’s for four years, my bridal experience was different than that of other brides. I was able to see and work with all of the gowns that come into the store as an employee. A few months before I got engaged, there was a gown that came into the store that I fell in love with. I waited and eyed up this gown anytime I was at work. After my engagement, I gathered my family and coworkers for my bridal appointment. Even though I had such strong feelings for that one gown, I kept an open mind to other gowns with different styles and silhouettes. By the end of my appointment, it was unanimous that the gown I had loved would be the gown I wear on my wedding day.

I feel I had more of a true bridal experience when it came to choosing a bridesmaid dress and tuxes. Again, I already had an idea of which bridesmaid dress I would like my girls to wear. However, when my girls were able to come in and look at different styles, the dress I had liked didn’t match the style and comfort of everyone in my wedding party. My consultant did a wonderful job of finding a dress available in the same color and fabric that I had envisioned, but in a silhouette that all of my girls loved. When I had my menswear appointment, my consultant did a fabulous job of utilizing the colors I wanted, but also blending each wedding party member together. All the women at Charlotte’s helped me to plan the wedding attire I had imagined and added details to make it better than I could have done on my own.

How did you and your fiance meet?

Tyler and I grew up in the same small town and were in the same grade together since kindergarten. As we grew up, it happened to be that we liked each other at various points through out middle school and high school, but just never at the same time. That was until midway through our junior year of high school. With a little help from our mutual best friend, Tyler and I started dating. Once we started dating there was hardly a day spent apart from one another. We went on to become the Junior Prom King and Queen and voted “Connected at the Hip” in our Senior Yearbook. After high school, we each went to different colleges, but we didn’t let the distance separate us from one another. Over those four years, we would text, call, and see each other every couple of weekends. We learned to enjoy the time that we had together.

How did he propose?

Tyler and I had had many conversations about our future and getting married through out our relationship. I had said that I would like to get married the summer after we graduate from college. So many of my friends and family knew that I was not so patiently waiting for Tyler to propose our junior year in college.

The first weekend in April, I had been out of town for a conference in Kentucky and arrived home late on Saturday night. Tyler wanted me to go to his great grandpa’s farm and go shed hunting with him the next day. I was hesitant because I had homework and other projects to work on, but he convinced me to go with him. We walked around in the woods looking for antlers, then came to the top of the bluff, where we had been many times before. This is a spot right on the cliff edge that overlooks a river and his great grandpa’s farm. Tyler told me he was going to go set a blanket down because the ground might be wet (something we never do, but I was absolutely clueless about what it might mean). After a minute, he called me over to join him on the cliff edge. When I walk over to him, I see he has a blanket with an antler sitting on one of the corners. Then I notice that on one of the antler tines was a ring. I started to smile and laugh. Tyler grabbed the ring and asked if I would marry him, which to I said yes.

It was a very special moment to have our engagement at a farm that has been in Tyler’s family for over a century. Although we had talked about getting married, Tyler completely surprised me on that day.


What was your favorite part of your wedding day?

There are two distinct moments of our wedding day that are very special to me. Tyler and I chose to do a first look together before the ceremony. At the venue, there is a refurbished farmhouse that over looks the lawn with a large oak tree. This house has a beautiful second story porch over looking the lawn, which is where Tyler and I shared our first look. I will never forget the anxiousness and excitement we had to see one another. On the count of three we opened our eyes and saw each other for the first time on the day we became husband and wife.

Tyler has a love of playing, writing, and singing country music. The other moment that is very special to me, was getting to hear the song that Tyler wrote for me. During our ceremony, Tyler performed on his guitar the love song called “One of a Kind,” which was all about our relationship and us. In his song it tells of little stories and moments we have shared together and in the chorus he goes on to say “I know it all may sound a bit cliche, but our love is one of a kind.” That moment in our ceremony was the first time he had played the song for me and it was a moment of smiles, laughs, and teary eyes for me.

What is one piece of advice you would give brides that are just beginning their search for the perfect wedding gown?

I have two key pieces of advice: Be open to try on anything and don’t be surprised if you find your dress on your very first time shopping. It is great to have an idea of what you want for your wedding gown, but don’t let that close you off to trying on something that might surprise you. I have seen so many brides who find their dress the first time they start looking, but become discouraged if someone they wanted with them wasn’t there or they aren’t ready financially. Be ready that first time you shop, because once you find the dress, you won’t want anything to stop you from saying “Yes, this is my dress!”

Is there anything special or unique about your wedding that you would like to highlight?

Something that was meaningful to both Tyler and I is that we were able to wear accessories from our family members who were unable to be with us on our wedding day. Tyler’s grandpa passed away when he was young, but he has many great memories with him. On our wedding day, Tyler wore a pair of his grandpa’s cuff links, which also highlight his love for hunting. The earrings I wore on our wedding day were a pair of my great grandma’s. She always loves to accessorize her outfits, so I was glad she could help to accessorize my wedding gown. My great grandma is still with us, but was physically unable to make it to our wedding.

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Deaver!


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