Charlotte’s Friday Five

We’re so excited to be kicking off our Friday Five! A weekly post featuring five of our favorite things, enjoy!

(ONE) Opposites attract! Literally. Peach & emerald may live on opposite sides of the color wheel, but we think they make a great pair when it comes to spring weddings.

(TWO) You may just want to have them—and to hold them—on your big day…and every other day. 


(THREE) Britney Spears, AOL Instant Messenger, and…crop tops?! We love Sottero and Midgley’s ode to the 90s.


(FOUR) The Swiss just get it—Swiss chocolate, Swiss cheese, Swiss army knives, Swiss Miss (ok, probably not authentic), and Swiss DOTS. This soft, uniquely textured material is our newest addition to the Charlotte’s Private Collection.


(FIVE) Last but not least…sorry guys—it did snow this morning. We may be biased, but the snow is always a little prettier at Charlotte’s. ♥♥




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